The divided opposition and the one that has not made up its mind

21 Maj 2023, 20:41Op-Ed Mero Baze

The only novelty that followed the May 14th local elections was Arlind Qorri and Roland Bejko. Qorri, as Edi Rama’s and the traditional left’s opponent in the long run, whereas Bejko as the opponent of the Berishian right wing, which is keeping the opposition divided for the interests of a single man.

Unlike Qorri, who is clearly a left wing populist whose growth will eventually face its limit, Bejko’s anti-Berisihian ideology is a movement that aims the cleansing and reorganizing of the right-wing opposition in order to replace it in its traditional center-right ideology, far from Berisha’s so-called sovereign movement. In other words, if Qorri is a left-wing populist who aims to harm the traditional Socialist Party, Bejko and his colleagues are traditional right-wing politicians who sparked the hope of getting rid of a populist leader like Sali Berisha.

The Berisha-Meta coalition was voted by 250 thousand Albanians, which consists of 50% of all opposition votes. 250 thousand voters stayed at home during the local elections, while 100 thousand others voted the official Democratic Party. This is the clear message that the May 14th local elections gave to the divided opposition. The anti-Berishian movement resulted more successful than the effort of solidifying Berisha’s ideology through his alliance with Ilir Meta.

The opposition rejected Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta as an artificial alliance, meaning that the opposition’s rebound depends on the political destruction of this duo. This is why the official Democratic Party must make up its mind about the foundations on which it will reorganize itself. Will this be on the current tendency to surrender to Sali Berisha and make several steps back, or will it be based on the signals that Albanian voters gave to the opposition on May 14th?

The only safe way for the opposition’s quick and strong rebound is to make up its mind that, without getting of Berisha and Meta, they will never win any political power. This is a fact that’s already clear for at least 350 thousand opposition voters who, in parts chose not to vote at all in the local elections and those who voted for the official Democratic Party, even if the latter did not have candidates in certain municipalities.

Any other reorganization of the Democratic Party would simply be a waste of time. There is no reason to have two opposition parties, one led by Berisha and Meta, which only causes despair for Albanians and another, which wants to be independent, but still has its hopes on Berisha and Meta. Such an opposition is unnecessary and if it exists, then it would be better to join Berisha and Meta.

The only thing that matters is what began with the May 14th local elections. All those who rejected Berisha and Meta or voted against them are the pluralist right-wing of Albanian politics that does not accept Sali Berisha and his ideology. The Democratic Party must play a crucial role if it will reorganize itself on the standards set by Roland Bejko’s anti-Berishian battle. Bejko and his fellow candidates who opposed Sali Berisha should join forces with the rest of the opposition that rejects Berisha and thus create the new Albanian opposition.

However, in order to achieve this, they should first and foremost make up their minds that they have nothing in common with Berisha anymore. As for Berisha himself, he has already made up his mind that he wants to keep the opposition divided.

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