Sali Berisha's last battle with his political legacy of 2005 KOP

22 Maj 2023, 21:34Op-Ed Mero Baze

If there is a politically embarrassing statistic for Sali Berisha that would be his struggle to dismantle the only positive initiative in the Democratic Party’s history, which dates to his attempt in 2005 at destroying the Committee on Orienting Policies. The Committee was created to show the Democratic Party’s efforts to reform itself.

Sali Berisha practically eliminated the Committee and is in his final battle with its former members from 2005, with whom he tried to create the idea that the Democratic Party was changing and becoming more open. Now, the entire Committee on Orienting Policies has been disintegrated and its former members have been declared enemies. Eighteen years later, the head of the Committee, Lulzim Basha is Berisha’s main enemy. The same can be said for Enkelejd Alibeaj, whereas others, like Fatbardh Kadilli had been declared as enemies a long time ago. The list goes on with several members who were either declared enemies, or left ton their own to purse their lives and careers elsewhere. The only political action through which he wanted to create the idea of opening up the party, Sali Berisha was unable to tolerate for a long time and ended up eliminating it.

Today Berisha is fighting against last leaders of the 2005 Committee, with whom he tried to convince Albanians that he had changed and was not anymore an authoritarian leader of the Democratic Party. Eighteen years later, he is apologizing to Albanians for lying them, claiming that what he did was wrong as he sees this as his last hope to take over the control of the Democratic Party.

This is explains also the return of Jozefina Toppalli by Berisha’s side. During these eighteen years she was just as intolerant, but being too honest, she could not withstand Berisha’s hypocrisy with the 2005 Committee. Therefore she is now happy that he is getting rid of his last enemies who had infiltrated the party since 2005.

 A cold headed reading of this fact would be enough to show where the opposition has returned to and why it has no chances of climbing to power as long as it remains under Berisha’s leadership. Despite the political makeup of 2005, the Democratic Party was able to win only 43 percent of the votes and if it hadn’t been for Fatos Nano’s wrong electoral tactics, the Democrats would have never won.

Now however, Berisha has everything against him. The West, including the United States and Great Britain are against him, his party lacks political values and the alliance with Ilir Meta is working against him. The fact that his party is degrading into gathering vulgar people is also against him as are the numbers. His current battle is being fought with the Sali Berisha of 2005, as he tries to destroy the only good outcome of his political legacy. In this battle one can wish him nothing else but success in destroying his own legacy and with it, his own self.


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