Sali Berisha's and Ilir Meta's occult power

8 Maj 2023, 23:00Op-Ed Mero Baze

Under normal circumstances where the country’s laws are respected, Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta would have many reasons to complain. Furthermore, as opposition, they would have been granted less broadcast time and would not have enough money for their campaign. However, neither of them seems upset. On the contrary, they look quite content with the situation.

According to reports by the Media Monitoring Commission, only Top Channel and Report TV have not granted more broadcast time to Berisha and Meta compared to other parties. All other channels have been pretty generous with their broadcast time towards them. The issue however is that the public broadcaster, who ought to have been more diligent than everyone else in these matters, has proven the opposite. In one of its secondary channels, they have given only 3 minutes of broadcast tie to the official Democratic Party.

In other words, the occult power of Berisha and Meta over the media remains at its fullest. Furthermore, they have informal paystubs for the majority of the media, including militant journalists who have penetrated the media. Even though from a legal standpoint they are not favoured from the circumstances, Berisha and Meta appear to dominate the Albanian media.

Another, even more serious issue is the financing of political parties. Officially, neither Berisha nor Meta has enough funds for their campaign. As a matter of fact, Berisha is supposed to have no public funding at all, since his party is not recognized formally. However, they not only seem comfortable with their undeclared millions, but they are almost making fun of the Socialists and other parties that have not received their funds from the Central Elections Commission yet.

This is quite the scandal. The small parties as well as the official Democratic Party, which do not have the resources to raise solidarity funds, are being forced to organize their campaigns on pennies, since the government has not granted them the funds they deserve, even though the campaign is already coming to an end. The Socialist Party naturally has its own financial reserves as well as ways to raise sponsors for its campaign. Meanwhile, the official Democratic Party and other smaller opposition parties are practically bankrupt.

The only ones happy with the situation are Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta as they are competing against other opposition groups, rather than against the government. The blocking of campaign funds for small parties by the government and the freedom of Berisha and Meta to fund their campaign through undeclared money are an occult financial power of these two leaders, allowed also by the government.

The current campaign, which was supposed to put them in a discriminating situation, even though the opposite is happening, would be enough to realize that their true power is not granted by the laws, but rather by their willingness to fund their campaign through criminal money.

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