Sali Berisha is facing two major boycotts

15 Prill 2023, 21:07Op-Ed Mero Baze

During his entire political life, Sali Berisha has tried to do things that cannot be measured, verified and above all, things whose value is cannot be verified by the public opinion. At the end of his career however, he fell on a trap and tried to organize the biggest challenge of his life in a venue where seats are counted and lies about participation can always be verified.

Personally, I cannot say how convincing it might have been for Berisha’s followers to launch their electoral campaign in the stadium where their party was founded, but it is safe to say that they probably believed Berisha’s lies that they would fill every seat. In reality however they could barely fill one fifth of the stadium, which means that the number of participants was less than four thousand people.

The first in the list of people hypnotized by Berisha’s lies was Ilir Meta. Since his protest of March 2nd, 2021 where Berisha brought him a large number of supporters, Meta really believes that he can fill every square and every stadium if needed. It was also obvious that Meta was main person wanting to launch the electoral campaign in the Air Albania Stadium. During the entire week, he had been inviting several people to be in stadium on Saturday and had even thought about his entrance.

The dynamics of the event got even worse when we saw the difference of participants between Belind Kellici’s speech and that of Sali Berisha. Even though the latter took his time to get there, hoping that this would allow the number of listeners to increase, the opposite happened. Berisha’s speech caused for even more people to leave the stadium.

Therefore, Berisha found himself facing two major boycotts. The first one was the small number of supporters at the opening of his electoral campaign and the second one was when he began to speak. This signals that he is as unwanted in his party as he is by the larger public, even though those listening to him feel like hostages, hoping to progress once he exits the political stage.

Perhaps it would have been better for Sali Berisha to have launched his electoral campaign in a small street and claim, as he usually does, that 200 thousand people participated in it. So far, he was making fun of the fact that Lulzim Basha claimed to have had a meeting with 4500 Democratic delegates in a venue that holds only 1500 people, whereas Berisha cannot bring even 2500 people in a 25000 seats stadium.

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