Neutrality in the struggle between the Democratic Party and Sali Berisha means support for the latter

18 Prill 2023, 20:33Op-Ed Mero Baze

The Democratic Party launched on Tuesday its electoral campaign in Tirana with a team of young faces, free in their thoughts as well as their resistance against Sali Berisha’s ideology in the Albanian opposition. Furthermore, some of their speeches are perhaps the best political speeches that we have heard in the recent years also because of the fact that they were not edited or censored.

For example, Doctor Neli Demi is well-known in his medical field, but personally I would have never thought that he could be a much better politician than the many politicians who invade our TV screens on a daily basis. Therefore, the most important thing for the Democratic Party in this electoral campaign is that it did not leave its voters without an alternative. There several attempts to prevent the Democrats from having their alternative, often due to the continuing influence that Sali Berisha has in that party, but in the end, the Democrats succeeded, even though they are not running in many municipalities across Albania.

Resisting a mafia like duo in the opposition, who want to turn their personal issues in national ones and align Albania against the West, is a rather historically important mission. The Democratic Party succeeded in offering the Albanian opposition an alternative against Sali Berisha.

Everyone is aware that there are many in that party who are upset that they could not reach a consensus to run in all municipalities, but this is the tax that they must pay for breaking up with Sali Berisha’s ideology, which seeks either absolute reign or elimination of the opponents. Berisha is a leader that cannot be fought with games or tricks, but only through the daily struggle of resistance.

Enkelejd Alibeaj was isolated by a silent majority of the Democratic Party’s leadership, which prevented him from having candidates running for all 61 municipalities and this was a bitter success for Berisha’s ideology in the Democratic Party. However, the issue today seems overpassed. The battle for Tirana as a symbol for all anti-Berishian battles is perhaps the most important political institution of this electoral campaign.

Meanwhile, the decision of certain small opposition parties not to be in a coalition with Sali Berisha, but still campaign for his candidates is just as hypocrite. Fatmir Mediu, Dashamir Shehi and Agron Duka who, despite not being in a coalition with Berisha are supporting his candidates, are doing nothing but help him survive this electoral campaign. Whatever power or influence that they may have, they are using it to help Berisha’s survival.

Even though Sali Berisha is not running himself in this campaign, his candidates represent his cause and anyone supporting them is practically supporting Sali Berisha. Any other argument in this case is useless. Those in the opposition who claim neutrality in the fight between Sali Berisha and the Democratic Party, while supporting Berisha’s candidates are practically supporting him, but lack the honesty to give their support for him openly.


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