Monika Kryemadhi is right to complain regarding the publishing of receiving Russian financing

17 Mars 2023, 22:11Op-Ed Mero Baze

Monika Kryemadhi has two main concerns regarding the recent scandal where it was revealed that she has received financing from Russian oligarchs. Firstly, she claims that the received amounts are small and secondly, that personal information was made public.

Both of Mrs. Kryemadhi’s claims are true. The amounts received through the Russian shell companies are relatively small. Furthermore, it is true that sensitive personal information, such as bank transfers have been made public. It is almost impossible for the press to gain access to such documents under normal circumstances. Banks share such documents either if they are requested by a country’s justice institutions (or ours have not made any requests), or if they are demanded by powerful secret services of international influence.

Therefore, Monika Kryemadhi is right to complain that she is being accused for such small amounts of money and that her bank accounts were made public. She can even launch a legal battle against EuReporter, since it was the first media that gave such information to the public. However, this is her problem.

Our problem and that of our justice system is that Mrs. Kryemadhi has admitted that she has an undeclared bank account in Switzerland and that she has transferred money as a shareholder, which means that her capital is much bigger than the actual bank transfers. Investigations are also needed to find out how much money Russian oligarchs have paid to the wife of former President Ilir Meta who, at the time of these payments was still in office.

The investigations can be started by Albanian institutions immediately and hence put to an end even Mrs. Kryemadhi’s concern that her personal information was made public. As for her other claim, that the transferred amounts are small, this is relative. We do not have all of Mrs. Kryemadhi’s bank transfers with the Russian oligarchs. If she is willing to be transparent, then she should publish all of her statements from the Swiss bank. If not, then SPAK can kill our curiosity regarding the matter.

At the moment, we have Mrs. Kryemadhi who has admitted the scandal, even though she is upset that she is being accused for such small amounts and that her personal data was made public. Since Albania has Commission of Complaints, then she is free to follow her case with him. As for the rest, she needs to face with SPAK.  

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