How Belind Kellici is forcing Sali Berisha to support him

26 Prill 2023, 21:45Op-Ed Mero Baze

It seems that Belind Kellici’s campaign poster showing him giving the middle finger to corruption has angered the public and even more so Sali Berisha and his close circle. Apparently Kellici’s middle finger has pushed them into a trap at the peak of their anger. By doing a gesture that is in the verge of an ethical scandal, he managed to shift the debate from his questionable university degree in the US, into a debate about his attitude.

It is rather obvious that this must have been the advice of Kellici’s PR team in order to help him get out of battle that was only harming his figure. However, his greatest success is that he dragged Sali Berisha and his close circle into this battle, even though it seemed as if they were in a cold war following the opening of their electoral campaign. Furthermore, Berisha has expressed in confidential circles his regret for selecting Belind Kellici as candidate for the municipality of Tirana.

Now through his latest “offensive,” Kellici forced Berisha and his people to come out and support him. During his broken-hearted statement, Berisha expressed his solidarity, while stating that he would have done even more serious gestures than simply raising the middle finger. One can only hope that he was not implying that he would lower his pants, since it wouldn’t be a good idea considering his age.

Despite everything, Kellici succeeded in dragging Berisha and his people to finally support him at a time when voices against him were increasing. By raising his middle finger, he forced them to either support him until the end of the campaign, or abandon him and thus turn into silent allies of Erion Veliaj. In the end, he succeeded in dragging them through a rather stupid gesture that aimed to cover a much bigger question. Therefore, we should at least recognize him the merit until the May 14th elections. After that, even Berisha will be in much more trouble than Kellici when they lose.


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