Grida Duma playing the hyena approaching Berisha's political corpse

18 Maj 2023, 00:42Op-Ed Mero Baze

Recently, as Grida Duma has started to think of herself as journalist, she attacked Roland Bejko who was invited in her TV show. Mrs. Duma considered him responsible for the opposition’s loss in the local elections and told Mr. Bejko not to be proud of what his political action.

The enthusiasm and anger that Duma reflected regarding Sali Berisha’s loss, while blaming Bejko for it, made one think that she considered the Democratic Party’s mayoral candidate as traitor.  Furthermore, she would often interrupt her guest and not allow him to finish his answers. The same host however, during earlier interviews with Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj would often lean on taking erotic poses, as if she was trying to convince them not to leave too quickly after the show. Despite this, no one accused Mrs. Duma for flirting with Rama and Veliaj during the interviews. This was not even used politically against her by anyone.

The rage of Sali Berisha’s hidden defenders during the electoral campaign is the result of their inability to accept that Berisha’s opponents actually won. They did not win the votes that Mrs. Duma and many of her colleagues count, but rather they won the silent majority of the Albanian society, which in the end destroyed Sali Berisha.

Roland Bejko, Enkelejd Alibeaj and anyone else who stood against Sali Berisha and invited Democrats not to vote for a man who wants to hold the opposition hostage are the real winners of this campaign. Edi Rama has gained only 22 thousand new votes for the Socialist Party. He used to have 750 thousand in the last elections and now has 770 thousand. Meanwhile the opposition has lost 250 thousand votes. In other words, 250 thousand opposition votes realized that Berisha would be the wrong choice and that his opponents within the opposition were right. It is precisely this silent majority that Roland Bejko represents. One cannot expect that they would vote either for Roland Bejko or Enkelejd Alibeaj when the two were not even running to win in these elections. They were only fighting to stop an even greater evil.

The great evil today would be if Sali Berisha would have won the 250 thousand votes and use them to claim to the West and the United States that he is supported by the people. Luckily he did not succeed at tis. The anti-Berishian spirit triumphed and today he is the most despised political figure in Albania.

However, I am aware that there is an entire army of desperate people who do not even dare to consider him as the reason for their electoral failure and hence blame his opponents. What I have to say to them is take it easy. You would be wrong to think that Bejko, Alibeaj or even Lulzim Basha get upset that you blame them for your loss. They should be proud and must continue their struggle until Berisha has lost all public support. Their ideas triumphed and they were the loud voice of the silent majority in the Albanian opposition.

Grida Duma, Ervin Salianji and several other mediocre tricksters of the opposition are simply the hyenas that surround Berisha today, hoping that at the moment of his political death, they will devour anything that remains from him by kicking out Berisha’s opponents from their territory. They forger however, that no one even wants Berisha’s territory and his political capital. No one needs it, because Berisha is a toxic waste that can produce nothing else but losing. Therefore, the opposition cannot be saved by devouring the crumbs that Berisha throws away at this moment of crisis. It can only be saved if he leaves the political stage once and for all.

The contribution of Berisha’s servile to continue keeping him in the game is a great service for Edi Rama, but not for Berisha himself. For him, this means nothing else than extending his agony and his nightmares. The opposition can never rise on Berisha’s political corpse. Neither can it rise with those who patiently wait for his political death. The opposition can rise only with those who succeed in convincing the opposition’s electorate that they can win even without Sali Berisha.

Roland Bejko has convinced 250 thousand people to either stay at home or vote against Sali Berisha. Now Berisha is a political corpse rotting in the town square and in such cases, hyenas are the most disgusting animals. Grida Duma is checking all the boxes to be one such hyena. However, she must first make sure that the old wolf is dead. Then she can start looking for remains. Otherwise, she risks even worse sufferings.

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