For those pretending to be confused about the Gërdec scandal

30 Nëntor 2023, 22:35Op-Ed Mero Baze

Efforts have been made to downplay crucial evidence connecting Shkëlzen Berisha to the Gërdec scandal, where he lobbied on behalf of his father, the prime minister. The pivotal piece of evidence is a fax sent from the office of Justice Minister Aldo Bumçi to an undisclosed semi-private office at the Ministry of Defense—essentially the base of Shkëlzen Berisha's operational team.

The backstory of this fax is well-known to key figures involved, including former prosecutors of the Gërdec case, the head of SPAK (Special Anti-Corruption Structure), ex-Minister of Defense Fatmir Mediu, former Minister of Justice Aldo Bumçi, and those who initially presented it as evidence. However, there is now a pervasive act of feigning surprise about its existence.

Fatmir Mediu, taking advantage of the fifteen-year time lapse, attempted to sow confusion, claiming the fax didn't originate from the Ministry of Defense. It's crucial to clarify that no one asserted the fax was sent from there, but rather it was received by that office.

Additionally, Mediu questioned the ministry's IT engineer about any inquiries from the Defense Minister or the Prime Minister regarding the fax, receiving a negative response. Yet, it's essential to note that the Minister of Defense wasn't involved in discussions about the matter, as evidenced by the minister's records showing Shkëlzen Berisha's frequent visits.

Former Justice Minister Aldo Bumçi disowns the note "For Shkëlzen" found in the fax, insisting it's a forgery. However, the claim isn't about the note being his, but that it was sent from his office's fax machine—a scientifically backed assertion. Bumçi, like Mediu, was not part of the consideration, and the delivered fax led to his reappointment as a minister in Berisha’s government.

Claims that the fax lacked a seal are dismissed, as it was an agreement project requiring prior approval, not a recommendation. Shkëlzen Berisha approved it before it was signed, sealed, and sent to Sali Berisha for final approval.

Shkëlzen Berisha alleges forgery of Aldo Bumçi's handwriting in the fax. This dispute should be settled in court to unveil the true author. The focus should be on the person orchestrating the paperwork at the Ministry of Defense—Shkëlzen Berisha. His lobbying strategy involved manipulating the administrative process, with documents initiated and approved in the Ministry of Defense before reaching Sali Berisha.

Testimony from Aldo Bumçi's former secretary supports the narrative that Shkëlzen Berisha coordinated the legal and administrative aspects of the Gërdec munitions dismantling. Despite clashes with dissenting ministers and directors, he secured his objectives through his father's signature, leading to a tragic outcome. Shockingly, Shkëlzen Berisha has avoided any legal repercussions for this tragedy for fifteen years.

It is essential not to feign ignorance about the presence of the fax titled "For Shkëlzen Berisha" in the Ministry of Defense offices. It was strategically placed there for the person who orchestrated the entire operation—Shkëlzen Sali Berisha. Investigations and trials should focus on him for the deaths of 26 people and the significant financial losses incurred by the country.

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