Edi Rama: praised in several languages, but criticized in Albanian and Russian

21 Shtator 2023, 21:26Op-Ed Mero Baze

I'm delighted to have predicted weeks ago that Edi Rama was being handed a remarkable opportunity—an esteemed diplomatic stage where his charisma and eloquence could truly shine. Fate further favored the current President of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) with the presence of President Zelensky, who is heroically leading his people in the face of Russian aggression.

Meanwhile, the Albanian president of the UNSC had the historic honor of granting the Ukrainian President the eagerly awaited right to address the Security Council's meeting. However, my anticipation and speculations had their limits. I couldn't have imagined that our charismatic prime minister would face protests from the Russian Ambassador to the UN, who complained that Ukrainians were being given the opportunity to voice their grievances. Nor did I imagine that our prime minister would seize that moment to utter the unforgettable phrase: "You stop the war, and President Zelenskiy won't take the floor."

Great sayings are never ordinary. The expressions that enter the annals of nations, honoring the speaker and their country, are magical. They may seem like metaphors, beckoning impossible actions, appearing as crazy utterances, but they survive the test of times thanks to their audacity. We accept sayings like "he walked on water" for their figurative strength. We will also remember Edi Rama's impossible demand to "Stop the War!"

Therefore, without these two elements—Zelensky's presence and the Russian Ambassador’s complaint—the Albanian presidency of the UNSC wouldn't have been memorable. It would have remained simply mundane.

I would have honestly been delighted if today, Rama's political opponents in Tirana had been as enthusiastic as they always seem to be upset by the deeds they attribute to the man who stands in their way to political power. I would have been thrilled to see them, for the first time, congratulate him for this epic statement, for the words that further affirmed Kosovo's independence. I thought they would applaud him for defending the rights of Minister Osmani, North Macedonia's Albanian Foreign Minister, who was welcomed with honors in the UN. It would have been a noble gesture, a marvel, a series of wonders this nation had never witnessed.

But no! Such a thing is impossible with our current politicians. The opposite happened. A former foreign minister shamelessly declared that Albania had lost a lot with Rama's presidency. Another man, a notorious one, with a lot of "ex-" prefixes, scorned the statements of the Albanian prime minister. It was the same person who, a few days ago, publicly stated that "the victory of the national football team had brought joy to the entire Albanian people, and Edi Rama was the only one upset about it."

It's a historical misfortune to be a contemporary and compatriot of such miserable and disgraced people! The world's press is rejoicing, and they aren't?! Not even in this case?!

I scrolled through Twitter, and it was filled with words of praise for Edi Rama in several different languages! But there were also many insults and curses directed at him. They were particularly striking because they were in Russian and... Albanian! Occasionally, you'd even come across the Kosovar dialect! Oh God! What a pitiful country!

But, let me, and all the millions like me, rejoice in this historic episode that took place in New York! I will always remember the careful collaboration of our distinguished ambassador, Ferit Hoxha, who provided assistance and printed materials to aid his prime minister. Ferit and his small but tireless staff had done an admirable preparatory job for this rare occasion. Kudos to them! I will also remember the shining figure of President Zelensky, with his emblematic attire, military colors at the United Nations Security Council, his eloquent words, and his expressions of gratitude.

The war didn't stop, and hence, he was allowed to speak at the UNSC. I can only hope that I will be able to congratulate him when he, leading his people, will have brought an end to the war in Ukraine, liberating his country from Russian occupation. Praise to the liberating wars!

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