Berisha's "success" in using death for political purposes

27 Prill 2023, 20:59Op-Ed Mero Baze

If in any other country a prominent politician would have made false accusations about a serious crime, like Sali Berisha did with the murder of a businessman in Lezha, the said politician would have either resigned from his electoral campaign, or even be arrested.

The false claims that the murder of the businessman was a political one are in itself a blatant penal act, since it is a false accusation, through which a politician or a political party aims to benefit politically. However, it seems that our justice system has permanently pardoned Sali Berisha even when it comes to crimes for which he is personally accused and let alone for making false accusations regarding crimes committed by others. Therefore, we cannot expect much in this direction.

On the other hand, claiming that a murder was political when it was in fact the result of an old blood feud is a service that Sali Berisha has done to the murderers by side-tracking the investigation. However, even this does not worry him that much. He has already succeeded in institutionalizing political necrophilia in Albania from the moment when he carried Azem Hajdari’s coffin and used it break the doors of the Prime Minister’s office, as well as by taking advantage of every possible death that he thinks might bring him more votes.

What is unacceptable however, is how our society and even Berisha’s political opponents have accepted this standard of his. If it was Edi Rama making the same false claims, then Sali Berisha would have turned into his political cause for several years. In this case, apart from a few statements, it seems as if even Berisha’s opponents lack the will to confront him regarding the fact that he took advantage of the murder of a businessman to accuse Edi Rama as responsible for the crime.

Personally, I think that this is the greatest success that Sali Berisha has achieved. He seems to have been pardoned for his crimes as well as for his false accusations and the fact that he takes advantage of criminal events for political purposes. This is a right that he has earned through shamelessness, evilness and above all, through violence during his thirty two years in politics. The worst part is that everyone recognizes this as his legitimate right. Even his own victims now seem to recognize this right of Sali Berisha and everyone stands in silence as he destroys even the institution of death for his political interests.

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