Berisha's Political Maneuver: Assembly Surprises Defy Expectations

2 Dhjetor 2023, 21:36Op-Ed Mero Baze

Those anticipating a mundane outcome from the gathering of Sali Berisha's party assembly were proven wrong.

The initial misjudgment lay with the absent delegates, nearly 60% of whom opted out despite Berisha reducing their number from 4500 to 1200. Only about 400 delegates made an appearance, witnessing what must have been a disheartening display of formality during Berisha's vote of confidence regarding his successor as party leader.

Even members of the party's parliamentary group erred in abstaining from the assembly, fearing they would merely serve as a facade in Berisha's formality for the vote of confidence. Consequently, their relations with Berisha have begun to deteriorate.

Journalists also miscalculated Saturday's assembly, dismissing it as a mere formality for a political faction lacking its own symbols. Their oversight became evident when Berisha used the occasion to hold a vote of confidence, appointing his daughter as his successor to the party's leadership.

Upon closer inspection, Berisha's strategy wasn't flawed. Firstly, by appointing his daughter, Argita Berisha, as his successor, he has thrown down a challenge to the opposition. He has determined its future with another leader, like him, labeled as non-grata by the U.S. and Great Britain. Rather than adopting a resolution condemning the U.S. and their sanctions against him, he took a more radical approach, turning "non-grata" into an identity for his party. Accepting Berisha and his family now requires a commitment to a long-term battle against the West, including the U.S. This bold move signifies a declaration of permanent opposition to the U.S., Great Britain, and the West.

Secondly, by revealing his successor, Berisha has responded to ambitious deputies hoping to take over the party after his passing. They now realize they will become subordinates of his daughter, shattering their illusions and ending the pretense of Berisha respecting his supporting deputies.

Thirdly, by choosing his daughter as his successor, Berisha has made a biological choice. Despite having non-sanctioned options like his son-in-law or daughter-in-law, he opted for his daughter to emphasize that the opposition's prospects are tied to his family's destiny.

Above all, by legitimizing his daughter as a successor, Berisha delivers a bitter lecture to his old collaborators. They believed him to be a principled politician incapable of such actions. While he could have appointed an old and loyal collaborator, Berisha's decision underscores his concern for his family's standing rather than selecting an uncorrupted leader.

In attempting to impose his family on the party, Berisha seems to be conveying, "Until the assembly concludes, I will be with my family, and afterwards with the rest of you." This echoes an old Albanian New Year's joke, where the young declare they will celebrate with family until midnight, and then join friends for the festivities.

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