Albin Kurti vs. the founding fathers of the Albanian Nation and the founding fathers of the Kosovar state

2 Qershor 2023, 23:35Op-Ed Mero Baze

There is a huge and intentional misunderstanding that Kosova’s nationalist communists, represented by Albin Kurti, make when they refer to the country’s history whenever they want to reveal their false “patriotism,” in order to save themselves from political crises.

All the brainwashed militants that support Kurti’s “patriotism” against the US and against the West speak about Albanian soil and the Albanian cause; they bring up names of heroes and refer to a glorious history of wars of resistance against the Ottomans as well as against the Serbs.

I am aware that what I am going to say here might be unacceptable for many, but the heroes of Albanian history, including those from Kosova, have fought for the Albanian cause. They are the fathers of our nation. The history of the struggle to create the Albanian state, starting with the League of Prizren, is the history of long and arduous efforts to unite Albanians under one nation. The dream however, was interrupted in 1913 and the interruption was sealed later in 1919, when Albania was recognized as an independent country that encompassed the territory that it has nowadays.

Many nationalist-communist activists, like Adem Demaci, who ended up in Serbian jails, were also fighting for the Albanian cause. They wanted Kosova to be united with Albania. In some extreme cases, they wanted Kosova to unite with the communist Albania of pre 1990 and that is why the West often allowed the Serbian regime to retaliate against such individuals.

The struggle for the creation of a united Albanian nation continued until 1989. Today’s Kosova, as a new political and national reality, is not the fruit of the ideology of a united Albanian nation, but rather the fruit of Ibrahim Rugova’s rare pro-Western vision, which transformed the old nationalist cause into a project that gave life to Kosova as an independent country that would survive in alliance with the West. Rugova asked for Kosova to be saved as a country where citizens could be equal and enjoy a democratic and pro-Western order. This is the philosophy that gave birth to Kosova as a country and one that for ten years managed to grab the attention of all Western chancelleries, culminating with the creation of Kosova’s Liberation Army (KLA), which put to an end the Western dilemma if it should help Kosova in its path to independence.

Nowadays Kosova is a historic international compromise that created a second Albanian state based on the democratic standards in order to make a difference with Milosevic’s Yugoslavia, which at the time was doing everything it could to ethnically cleanse Albanians. In this aspect, Kosova does not have in its foundations the great historic figures that fought for the Albanian cause. They are part of the history of the Albanian nation, but not part of Kosova’s creation as a country.

Kosova came to life through the democratic enthusiasm and inspiration of the ‘90s and in its foundations lies Ibrahim Rugova’s pro-Western vision. Albin Kurti’s “patriotic” mumblics against the West and the desperate echoes of Albanian patriots, against the Europe that has kept us divided, is proof of their anti-West ideology. This is enough to understand that Kosova today is being led by people who are its own enemies as well as opponents of the reasons for which Kosova was created as a country and accepted by the West.

The West is a democratic alliance of nations that is not necessarily accepted by the whole world. The United States have many enemies around the globe and in many countries with whose history and tradition they clash, the animosity is even natural. The same can be said for the European Union. I am aware that anti-Americanism is a rising trend today and that many far-left intellectuals who want a new world order, identify the US with imperialism and exploitation of the working classes. For Kosova however, the US and the West are not merely matters of intellectual trends. The West for Kosova is not an alternative, but rather the only choice.

Kosova is a product of Western mentality and principles and the West is the sole guarantee of its existence as a country. Therefore, it can either function as a country under Western principles, or risk ceasing to exist as country. Things are that simple. Now, if the majority of Kosova’s society loses its mind and believes that it should kick the West out of its country, they can do it. This is an achievable goal and now it is easier than ever. One does not need a war to expel the West from Kosova. All that is needed is an evil leader like Albin Kurti.

On the other hand, war would not be enough to keep Kosova alive as a country without the West. Neither would Kurti’s leadership be enough. He does not have the power and ruthlessness of the Taliban, which would allow him to imprison his own citizens, even though he might want to do it. Kosova will either survive as a democratic country based on Western principles and whose existence is guaranteed by the US, EU and NATO, or it will just return the old cause that it had already lost 100 years ago. The only difference is that now it would lose thanks to Albin Kurti and the false heroes that surround him.

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