Albin Kurti is leading Kosovo into conflict with the West based on falsehoods

18 Shtator 2023, 21:34Op-Ed Mero Baze

Albin Kurti’s stance, equating the European Union with Serbia, and the EU envoy Miroslav Lajčak with the Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, is plunging Kosovo into an inevitable conflict with the West, driven by Kurti’s power-hungry fabrications.

The most concerning aspect here is that Kurti’s position is not grounded in reality. The truth is that the European Union doesn’t place Kosovo on equal footing with Serbia, but Kurti's relentless antagonism towards Serbia and the EU seems to be on the same wavelength. He is the one who has painted them as allies and for has been acting, for at least a year, as if he is simultaneously at war with the EU and Serbia.

This approach has placed Kosovo under sanctions, isolating it from the West, while Serbia gains points in the international arena by playing the victim of Kurti’s anti-Western policies. This stance, built on a distorted reality concocted by Albin Kurti to justify his failed policies, is becoming increasingly perilous for Kosovo, pushing it down a treacherous path, not because of its own realities but because of Kurti's personal grievances.

Lajčak is not appointed by Albin Kurti and he will continue to lead the process. Even Slobodan Milošević attempted in vain to attack and replace U.S. and NATO envoys who advised him to back down on Kosovo, but he couldn't succeed. He was removed before them, leaving Serbia a hefty price to pay.

Albin Kurti cannot act as the prosecutor of EU and U.S. envoys in Kosovo and make public accusations based on falsehoods. They are not private individuals, but representatives of the United States and the European Union.

Kurti’s behavior is akin to that of Sali Berisha, who views the U.S. and the UK's sanctions against him and his family as the personal decisions of the U.S. and British ambassadors, rather than as the official stance of the countries they represent.

Denouncing Miroslav Lajčak or Borrell is, in fact, an official attack on the United States and the European Union.

What’s worse is Albin Kurti’s easygoingness regarding sanctions imposed on Kosovo, demanding for them to be lifted, while deepens his anti-Western discourse. Sanctions don’t work like speeding tickets that are paid and then forgotten. They are imposed because Kosovo has formally demonstrated non-compliance with Western policy toward Kosovo, its dialogue with Serbia, and resistance to this policy. In other words, sanctions have effectively revoked Albin Kurti’s “license” to lead Kosovo.

For this reason, sanctions won't be lifted at Albin Kurti's command, but when the West is convinced that Kosovo is an ally and no longer driven by anti-Western sentiment.

Albin Kurti's current stances are reasons to tighten sanctions rather than lift them. When Kurti claims they should be lifted, he knows they will increase, but he will ignore the real reasons they were imposed and present them as inconsequential. He's simply trying to deceive the Albanians who support him, concealing the significance of the West's punishment of Kosovo and portraying it as a mundane issue.


Ironically, Aleksandar Vučić then appears, saying, "it's not the end of the world," indicating that we can continue. Indeed, thanks to Albin Kurti, this state of Kosovo against the West will never cease, and Serbia's comfortable position in the West persists.

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