A Serious Step by the Court in the Gërdec Trial

3 Tetor 2023, 22:17Op-Ed Mero Baze

The Court of Tirana has upheld the integrity of the judicial process in the case involving Fatmir Mediu and his associates, including Sali Berisha's son, Shkëlzen Berisha. They achieved this by rejecting the defendant's attempt to disrupt the legal proceedings through a fictitious list of witnesses.

Fatmir Mediu's request for 90 witnesses was denied by the Court. Most of these individuals had no connection to the Gërdec massacre, and Mediu intended to use as them as a display of "international support" in his trial, where he faces charges of corruption, leading to the deaths of 26 citizens.

The court’s decision to reject Mediu's request carries greater significance than its acceptance of SPAK's request to have Shkëlzen Berisha and his associates testify in the case. This decision prevents the process from deteriorating into a farce aimed at buying time and providing hope for the main defendant.

While most media outlets have highlighted SPAK's request for Shkëlzen Berisha, the dismissal of Mediu's witness list holds more weight. Shkëlzen Berisha will still undergo investigation and trial for the case 279/1, related to the criminal proceedings against Fatmir Mediu, ensuring that he too faces justice regarding this matter.

The decision's significance is further underscored by Mediu's recent visit to the U.S., pretending that he is working to save Kosovo from Serbia. In reality, he aims to create the impression that he was in Washington, suggesting that the court should no longer bother him. Additionally, the court's decision has financially impacted Mediu, as his trip to the USA, hoping to influence the case, proved futile.

In light of these developments, it is advisable for him to return and preserve his resources for legal fees, as it is unlikely that Shkëlzen Berisha will support him financially during this trial, since he will have to save for his own legal fees.

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