A friendly suggestion to Democratic Party's MPs

23 Maj 2023, 23:38Op-Ed Mero Baze

In Milan Kundera’s novel, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being,” there is a fragment that best describes the Democratic Party’s MPs who, two years ago decided to follow Sali Berisha in his madness. Among others, there is a section in the novel, which says that, not to compromise with evil and not to differentiate evil from good is a capability that we are losing. This has made people unable to realize what evil is and hence has caused for them not to feel guilty.

“The Communists,” says Kundera, “have found their excuse. Stalin lied at us. The murderer is justified by saying that he lacked motherly love during childhood. And suddenly you said: there is no justification. No one was as innocent, in his soul and consciousness, as Oedipus. However, he too, punished himself when he realized what he had done…”

Although I had read it a long time ago, I was reminded of this fragment today, when seeing how the Democratic Party’s MPs followed Sali Berisha, not so much because they believed in his truth, but rather because they feared his power. They followed him humbly, not because they had hopes in his party’s reorganization and democratization, but only to negotiate their own political mandates for another term.

Democrats did not join Berisha led by their healthy reasoning, but rather by their survival instinct. They joined the crowd because they sensed that this was the only way for them to save their own careers, even though their actions did not show the qualities of the elite. Apparently, they forgot their own principle that the crowd is made to be led and not to lead.

Therefore, finding themselves abandoned, without any hopes of winning and a party in shambles, Albanian Democrats should put their excuses to the side, stop lying themselves and do what Oedipus did when he found out what he found out the truth. This is the only way for them to pay back for the wrongs that they did to the electorate by following a leader who was headed nowhere else, but complete political isolation. Furthermore, they followed him not because they believed that they could win, but because they hoped that, by being on the side of the “powerful,” their political future would be safe.  

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