Tirana-Durrës railway nears completion

21 Maj 2024, 19:01Economy TEMA

Tirana-Durrës railway nears completion

May 21, 2024 — Efforts to revamp the Tirana-Durrës railway are on track for completion within next year, marking a significant stride towards bolstering connectivity in the region. With 70% of the physical construction already achieved and 90% of civil structures completed, the project is well underway.

The initiative, aimed at modernizing the Tirana-Durrës railway link, promises improved transportation links for both cities, including enhanced access to Tirana International Airport.

Projections indicate that upon completion, the introduction of new trains could potentially elevate speeds to 100 km/h, substantially reducing travel times. Ambitious plans outlined by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy envision a swift 12-minute journey from Tirana to Rinas and a 22-minute trip with 8 stops from Tirana to Durrës, at speeds of 160 km/h.

This project will facilitate smoother and more efficient travel for passengers and goods alike. Furthermore, as part of broader connectivity efforts and aligned with the Berlin Initiative, this railway rehabilitation project holds strategic importance for regional integration with Europe. Its successful execution may also attract grants and funding from international donors, further solidifying its role in advancing transportation infrastructure in the region.

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