Poles are buying many properties in the south of the country

10 Prill 2023, 14:40Economy TEMA

Five years ago, Thomas from Poland, decided to buy an apartment in Saranda.

The reasonable prices, the sea and the long summer were the main reasons why he and his family decided to move to Saranda, where he’s thinking of spending the rest of his life.

“We decided to buy an apartment year five years ago and the prices were good at the time. Now, prices are going up all over Europe. Prices here are lower than in Poland,” he said.

Thomas and his family are thinking of making other investments in real estate, given that property prices in other countries of Europe are much higher.

According to Bledi Mullai, real estate agent in the coastal city, Poles have become the number one buyer of apartments and businesses.

Although prices in Saranda have gone up 30-4-%, Polish citizens still consider it quite affordable and are buying properties with the aim of doing business.

By buying so many properties, the number of Poles in the south has increased significantly, while the number of those who visit the Ionian coast is growing more and more.

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