Parliamentary committee gives the green light for pay increases in public sector

23 Maj 2023, 17:30Economy TEMA

Parliamentary economy committee has approved today the decision to increase salaries for public sector employees. Meanwhile, the total number of employees who benefit this increase is 130 thousand.

The increase will also apply to MPs and ministers, following a request made by the Members of Parliament during this meeting. An MP will now be paid a salary of 310 thousand leks a month, while a minister will be paid 318 thousand leks a month. Salaries of MPs and ministers have not been indexed since 2005.

Socialist MP, Erjon Brace criticized this decision, because according to him, a part of the public sector doesn't deserve this pay increase.

The bills which were approved today by the parliamentary law committee are part of the government plans to increase average salary in the public sector to 900 euros a month by 2024.

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