Import-export companies urge the govt to stop the depreciation of European currency

8 Maj 2023, 15:43Economy TEMA

Representatives of import-export companies held a meeting on Monday with the head of the central bank, Gent Sejko to voice their concerns about the euro's depreciation and to come up with a solution about this situation.

Economy minister, Delina Ibrahimaj said the government is unable to intervene in the currency market, therefore she promised tax reliefs for import-export companies.

According to the representatives of these companies, the situation is becoming a cause for concern, because currently, these companies are getting orders for next year and the currency exchange rate is volatile. What's more, the euro is expected to lose more ground against the lek during the holiday season.

On Friday, stakeholders will once again meet with the governor of the central bank, government representatives and the banking sector to agree on a solution.

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