Gov't approves decision to increase salaries

20 Prill 2023, 10:25Economy TEMA

The government has approved today the decision to increase salaries for public sector employees. The minister of Finance and Economy, Delina Ibrahimaj, said pay increases for the public sector are effective as of April 1.

Asked by reporters as to where the government is finding the money to increase salaries, the minister said this has been made possible thanks to more budget revenues and the reallocation of funds.

The decisions approved today relate to pay rises in 2023, while there will be another pay rise for public sector employees in 2024.

According to the minister, the financial effect of the pay increases in 2025 will be 38 billion leks.

The recent government decision to increase salaries in the public sector and to allocate bonuses for pensioners ahead of the May 14 local government elections has been criticized by the opposition, which has also considered it to be unlawful. However, the government has responded by saying that the law only prevents the government from making pay rises ahead of a general election.

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