Euro starts to rebound

18 Maj 2023, 19:35Economy TEMA

After many weeks of losing ground against the Albanian lek, the value of the European currency has started to rebound.

This Tuesday, the exchange rate for euro was 111.89 leks, up 0.58 leks compared to Monday.

The euro started to gain ground against the lek on May 11, when the European currency also reached its lowest figure of 110.63 leks.

According to economy experts, the strengthening of the euro may be due to the end of the election campaign.

A few days ago, representatives from import-export companies met with authorities to voice their concern over the depreciation of the European currency, something which has had an effect on their profit margins. 

The finance minister, Delina Brahimaj said authorities are unable to interfere directly, but announced several measures aimed at mitigating the effects of the euro depreciation. 

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