Democrat senior officials urges parliament to take action against watchdogs

26 Maj 2023, 13:33Economy TEMA

The Democratic Party's vice chair, Jorida Tabaku has accused the government of defying the Constitutional Court's ruling about the dissolution of the Fuel Price Watchdog and the Food Price Watchdog.

Tabaku says these two agencies are damaging consumers and that the damage amounts to 600 million euros.

According to the democrat MP, there is no longer an emergency situation in place and that the existence of these two agencies is no longer necessary.

The Democratic Party's senior official urged parliament to monitor the activity of these two bodies and come up with a decision which protects consumers' interests.

The Fuel Price Watchdog and the Food Price Watchdog were set up in March last year after the beginning of the war in Ukraine, when the cost of raw material went up as a result of the effects of the war.

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