Court upholds gov't's decision to set up fuel price watchdog

19 Prill 2023, 08:29Economy TEMA

In Albania, the fuel price watchdog will continue to operate. The country's constitutional court on Tuesday announced its verdict in which it has only partially granted the motion filed by the largest opposition party, Democratic Party.

The only thing that the Constitutional Court finds as being in violation with the Constitution is the procedure in place for the dissolution of the board, which, according to the government normative act, can be done with the decision of the board itself.

A while ago, the Democratic Party requested the court to revoke the government's decision made at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, to set up a watchdog which would oversee food prices and another one for fuel prices. A few weeks ago, the court decided to dissolve the food price watchdog, while on Tuesday, the court decided that the fuel price watchdog will continue to operate.

According to the Democratic Party, these two bodies did not offer transparency and their decisions to dictate prices harmed consumers.

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