Confidence in economy improves

2 Maj 2023, 19:29Economy TEMA

Despite the soaring prices, rising interest rates and the euro value which is depreciating each day, individuals and businesses in Albania believe the economy of the country is doing better than ever.

Confidence in the industry sector was up 3.8% last month and this boost was affected by more optimistic expectations on current production and orders.

Construction is another  sector which is driving optimism in the economy upward. Although the rise in property prices has slowed down, confidence for this sector in April was up 0.4%.

Commerce, the same as services, is reaping the benefits of the strengthening of lek and the return of high demand on the market. Confidence in this sector was up 1.2% last month.

Meanwhile, consumer confidence in the economy has also grown. There’s a general perception among individuals  that the increase in the prices of goods and services is be slowing down significantly. On the other hand, they also say that their incomes are improving and that they’re ready to make big purchases.

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