Switzerland triumphs at Eurovision 2024

12 Maj 2024, 07:59Culture TEMA

Switzerland triumphs at Eurovision 2024

May 12, 2024 - In a celebration of musical diversity and talent, Switzerland emerged victorious at the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest held in a dazzling spectacle. The Swiss entry, "The Code" performed by the gifted artist Nemo, captured the hearts of both jury members and viewers alike, securing a resounding victory with a total of 565 points.

Nemo's electrifying performance, a fusion of opera, rap, and pop, resonated with audiences worldwide, earning 365 points from the esteemed jury panel and an additional 200 points from the enthusiastic public vote. The win marked Switzerland's sixth triumph at Eurovision, solidifying its status as a powerhouse in the international music scene.

Reflecting on the win, Nemo expressed profound gratitude to collaborators and fans, emphasizing the importance of Eurovision as a beacon of peace and unity in a world often divided. The emotional victory speech echoed the sentiments of millions, celebrating the unifying power of music to transcend borders and differences.

Switzerland's victory was not without fierce competition, as Croatia clinched second place and Ukraine claimed the third spot on the prestigious Eurovision podium. Meanwhile, the vibrant atmosphere of the contest was heightened by captivating performances from artists around the globe, including Sweden's rendition of "Unforgettable" by Marcus & Martinus, accompanied by a nostalgic appearance by former Eurovision winner Loreen.

However, amidst the jubilation, tensions briefly flared as Israel's vote faced disapproval due to ongoing conflicts in Gaza. Nevertheless, the spirit of camaraderie prevailed, with Albania joining the chorus of nations awarding Switzerland 12 points, cementing its triumph on the Eurovision stage.

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