Albania's Besa Kokëdhima represents nation at Eurovision 2024 with "TITAN"

8 Maj 2024, 09:29Culture TEMA

Albania's Besa Kokëdhima represents nation at Eurovision 2024 with

May 8, 2024 In a celebration of musical unity and talent, the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 kicked off in Malmö, Sweden, with a dazzling performance by Eleni Foureira, a singer of Albanian descent. The event, bearing the inspiring slogan "United by Music," promises to showcase the diverse talents and cultures of Europe.

Last night marked the debut of the semi-finals, with Albania proudly represented by the acclaimed singer Besa Kokëdhima. Kokëdhima's powerful rendition of "TITAN" captivated audiences, earning her a place in the hearts of Eurovision enthusiasts worldwide. The song, a collaboration with renowned global producers Gia Koka, Serban Casan, Alias LJ, and Albanian producer Kledi Bahiti, blends captivating lyrics with an infectious melody, reflecting the rich musical heritage of Albania.

With her stirring performance, Kokëdhima aims to follow in the footsteps of past Albanian Eurovision contenders, capturing the essence of the nation's vibrant music scene. Her selection as Albania's representative came after winning the trust of the public with her song "Zemër n'dorë" (TITAN) at the 62nd Festival of Songs on RTSH.

Albanians around the world eagerly await the results of the semi-finals, with the hope that Kokëdhima's talent will shine through and secure a spot in the grand final on May 11th. The Eurovision fever has gripped the nation, with fans showing their support through various voting channels.

For Albanians residing in countries participating in the semi-finals, voting is open via designated phone numbers, while those in the "rest of the world" category can cast their votes online. The support from the global Albanian community underscores the significance of Kokëdhima's participation in Eurovision 2024, representing not just her nation, but also a shared cultural heritage.

As the competition heats up, all eyes are on Besa Kokëdhima as she carries the hopes and dreams of Albania on the Eurovision stage. Regardless of the outcome, her journey is a testament to the power of music to unite and inspire across borders.


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